Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surrealist Art

Hey everyone! So, a few weeks ago Mackenzie and I made a Man Ray inspired surrealist video for a seminar we were both in. All of the footage was shot by either of us and all compiled together, cut, and edited by me. I used Windows Live Movie Maker to make it. The title is S'inquiéter and means  "to worry" in French. The song is Violet Hill by Coldplay, my favorite band.
This second video was made for fun just by me. It's the song 7 Nation Army by The White Stripes. I used some of the same clips while adding a few more we had filmed but did not use in the previous video. This video, called Ce Battement Régulier, is also in French and means "That Steady Beat".

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


She goes by Birdy. An Australian songstress with a set of pipes to kill and piano skills to beat. She's also only 16 years old and has her first album out already on iTunes and She does mostly covers but a few are her own. Her next album will be all her own songs.
**Buy her debut album "Birdy"**
So I discovered this song last week and seriously haven't stopped listening to it since. I can already quote it. 

Her debut album, "Birdy"

Against the Pavement

Today was warmer out, 50 degrees, a sign that Spring is on it's way, we hope. We took full advantage of the foggy day and took some shots. Questions we were asked about these pictures were, "Were their cars? Where is this empty road?" The road is in fact totally functional and running but usually unused since it is a back road near farms. Whenever there was a car coming though we'd shout, "Car!" and quickly move out of the way. And as they'd drive by, slowing down a little when they approached us, we'd merely pretend to be taking pictures of trees and ditches instead of being two crazy girls taking fashion shots in the middle of the road in 50 degree weather. Well, "All for the sake of fashion" as Mackenzie says, and for all our lovely readers, whoever you may be.
Have a splendid day!