Sunday, March 10, 2013

Icy Wind & Patterned Pants


Call us crazy for going out today. We obviously had a swayed judgment when we looked outside and thought it might be warm enough to get some shots. We were very wrong. Honestly though if it weren't for the wind it would have been about 80% better, just 80%. Poor Mackenzie had purple fingers by the end of it all. Obviously Punxsutawney Phil lied. Spring isn't coming as fast as expected. The good news, if you can call it that, is that it's raining now. Hopefully no more snow storms will blow past us.

For some reason me and Kenz always seem to match. Not always in the color scheme but in some way or another. Today it was patterned pants and cute flats. Me with my thrift shop loafers and her with her chic color blocking ballets. The great thing about having a friend who has the same sense of style as you is the constant borrowing of clothes. Sadly I wear an 8 in shoes and Kenzie wears a 6. She can wear mine but I can't wear hers. I luck out on that one. Other then footwear though we share jewelry and maybe on occasion jackets. Pants aren't as common because she's smaller than me, fortunatly only by one size. So if I'm willing I can squeeze. I find it sort of funny that everything in her closet I would wear in a heartbeat.

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