Monday, July 9, 2012

Pipe Clamp Bracelets

We're pretty sure that many of you have probably seen these before on etsy or other blogs. It's a super easy upcycling project that anyone can do. All you need is: A pipe clamp(can be purchased at most hardware stores. They all look like metal bands) and a bunch of your favorite linen fabrics.


1. Tighten the pipe clamp so it can easily slide on and off the wrist like a bangle

2. Cut out long strips of fabric one inch in width and over two feet in length

3. Start wrapping the fabric around the metal band, layering over the fabric more than once if necessary, until the metal is no longer visible

4. Once you have reached the end of the fabric's length twist it around one last time loosely, then pull the end through the gap and tighten

5. Tuck the little piece of excess into the gap as well

6. DONE!---If wanting the fabric to be permanently on the band then simply use fabric glue to keep down that last excess piece

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